Princeton Place One at Wiggins Bay  Straw Poll of Owners Regarding “Smoke Free” Building


Dear Princeton Place One Owners,


As many of you may know, the City of Naples has adopted a Smoke Free Environment Policy and Condominiums in the City are encouraged to create their own rules and regulations to support that effort. While Wiggins Bay is not in Naples “City”, the Board recently took up this topic as it can be viewed as an enhancement to community standards and values.

The Board would like your input on this matter before making a change to the rules and regulations or even including this in a change to the covenants.

The intent of this change would be to make the “building” a smoke free area, and have certain areas outside the building where smoking could be allowed.


You are asked to cast your “straw poll vote” below.


Please keep in mind this is not a binding vote and will not create any changes to the documents, but merely an information gathering device.


Your Consideration is appreciated. 

Princeton Place Board of Directors


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